Advanced Ceramics: The Advantageous Phase that is Shaping It

August 2019
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An Overview

Ceramics have come a long way from the ancient world, as their evolution continues to evolve, especially from the high-performance military and commercial jet engines, missiles, spacecraft, and in the parts. The continuing development of the ceramics and materials is associated with material technology, which is accelerating rapidly. The current century has produced the greatest advancement in ceramics technology. The push of faster, more efficient, less costly production techniques continues today.

New Formation of Techniques

The advent of new processes and advances in formation and manufacturing techniques that are introduced in recent years have intrudingly led to the development of advanced ceramics. The properties and applications of ceramics have regarded to be at the top level. The ceramics offer unique and amazingly powerful physical, thermal, and electrical properties, which becomes a decisive factor for manufacturers in a wide range of industries.

Advantages of Advanced Ceramics

In comparison to metals and plastics, ceramic materials are the foremost choice for the use in extreme conditions like severe changes in temperature or pressure, corrosion and kept for a prolonged period of time. The general advantages of ceramic material are presented as:

  • Heat resistant, pressure, high wear, and chemical attack resistance (gas and liquids)
  • Excellent hardness
  • Excellent electrical insulation
  • Lightweight
  • Durability

The raw material used in advanced ceramics is selected on the basis of case-by-case, performance requirements, and production costs. Cost savings is the more significant advantage for the production process, even for a large number of production of ceramics.

Moreover, advanced ceramics also exhibit exceptional properties that make them highly resistant to melting, bending, stretching, corrosion, or wear. Along with this, its hardness, physical stability, chemical react, biocompatibility, electrical properties, and extended suitability to produce products make them the most versatile groups of materials across the globe.

Why Replacing Metals with Ceramics is in favor?

As we are aware of the fact that ceramic products are exceptional and have an amazing range of properties, the ceramic material is highly preferred by manufactured. The products made from ceramic materials possess resistance, which is higher than or comparable to the hard metals with superior electrical and thermal insulation capacity. On the other side, ceramics have fewer physical limitations than other materials and thus enhance the performance of the product. Therefore, owing to the advantage of being corrosion and wear-resistant, ceramics have the tendency to extend the life of the product.

Today, there is a wide range of advanced ceramics, which includes alumina, zirconia, silicon nitride, silicon carbide, and more. These are characterized by their exceptional performances and benefits. In continuation to this, new materials are in the line of developed to response the challenges posed by new and changing applications.

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