Civil Engineering Market- Building Blocks for the Future

March 2020
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It started as a basic necessity and it grew to define lifestyle, civil construction, across the world, is now growing in leaps and bounds. As the civilization progressed, the technology got better and from simple mud huts or caves, it went on to become steel constructions that could withstand weather and adverse effects. Innovations in architecture and development in steel structures have seen a perfect blend in the previous century with constructions like the Empire State Building, the Glass Pyramid in front of the Louvre to bear that mark. However, that bond transcended well into the present century and several towering landmarks like the Shard and Burz al Khalifa stand tall to support that claim. This has become possible due to the increasing investment in this sector. Global Civil Engineering Market is touted to gain from these moves and claim a 5.4% CAGR during the forecast period (2018-2023). Market research Future (MRFR) has stated in the report that the speeding past of the estimated valuation mark by 2023 is quite probable.

What Cements Growth?

It is the investment that matters the most for the civil engineering sector. Most of these landmark constructions incur huge money that needs constant funding, and afterward, maintenance costs. However, from governments and private investors, the civil engineering market is gaining favorable winds. It has primarily three reasons. One is to solve the crunch in a residential and commercial building in major urban areas. This is happening owing to a paradigmatic shift of the population base towards major cities. In addition, it is getting boosted by a hike in disposable income, which is giving consumers the power to own residential flats or invest in commercial spaces. Two is the desire to help populace with constructions like bridges and other buildings that can be used to mobilize people or provide entertainment. The third is to create an icon that would, in time, become a tourist attraction. For example, the Empire State Building in the U.S. or Burz al Khalifa in Dubai.

These reasons provide extraordinary scope for innovation. In a time, when consumerism speaks the last word, standing out from the rest is important. Hence, this differentiation factor is expected to drive the civil engineering market ahead.

On the other hand, the lack of skilled labor can always be a problem for the civil engineering market. Innovation needs precision in execution, otherwise, a plan can collapse pretty fast. However, the latest technologies can take the civil engineering market out of such a sluggish situation quickly.

Tech-Talk-- Engineering Simplified

Technology is really going far to ease difficult processes of understanding. For example, augmented reality. This is a new concept that can provide a 3D model of the actual building with real-time feeds. The reality will become virtual. Such a step would help in taking care of solutions really quick. It would also boost the marketing strategies. This would be further backed by the construction software and data ecosystem.

Robotics, on the other hand, is taking firm steps in simplifying the process for construction. Its ability to work more without fatigue and instill a sense of precision surpasses human ability. However, when it coalesces with the human brain, it performs even better. Apart from these, cloud technology, wearable technologies, and others are going to improve the civil engineering market considerably.

Asia Pacific Scores Big

It is the APAC that is stirring up the market. With two heavyweight economies, like India and China developing their infrastructure, the civil engineering market is all set to perform big. China has the baton. On the other hand, North America is showing some advanced technological skills in taking civil engineering a notch higher. The civil engineering market, as a whole, is banking on such developments. Scopes are plenty. However, the direction of the market growth and eco-friendly measures are going to impact the most. 

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