Growth Opportunities & Worries about Energy Drinks Market

March 2020
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Energy Drinks are a different type of product entirely, that contains a high level of stimulant usually caffeine, sugar, as well as other supplements such as carnitine or vitamins. The stimulants increase the alertness and energy levels in the body. Energy drinks are promoted as products that are capable of boosting physical performance and are used as sports drinks and soft drinks. These drinks have been found to improve the physical endurance and strength of the human body.

A typical energy drink contains almost 80mg of caffeine, the same amount as in a cup of coffee. These energy drinks, especially sports drinks, are designed in a way that replenishes fluids lost during physical or mental activities. These drinks contain water, electrolytes, and sugar. These are for athletes, students and for those who want an extra energy kick. Energy drinks first became popular in Asia and reached America after a very long time.

There is a lot of sugar and other stimulating ingredients in the energy drinks, that’s why people are confused about whether the energy drinks are helpful or harmful for the people who have a certain health condition. So, here is a list of some of the ingredients you need to know about and what are they doing to your body.

  • Ephedrine- It is a stimulant that affects the central nervous system and is an ingredient used in weight-loss products.
  • Ginseng- It is a root that has several medicinal properties that include reducing stress and boosting energy levels. 
  • Taurine- It is a natural amino acid for regulating the heartbeat and muscle contraction. 
  • B- Vitamins- These vitamins are used to convert sugar into energy and increase muscle tone. 
  • Carnitine- An amino acid that is used for fatty acid metabolism. 
  • Guarana seed- A stimulant that comes from a type of shrub found in Brazil and Venezuela. 
  • Inositol- A member of the vitamin B group, helps in relaying messages within cells in the body. 

Safety Parameter of Energy Drinks

Consumption of energy drinks is usually safe, but it should be drunk in restraint this is because caffeine is a stimulant and if taken in excess can cause insomnia, anxiety, and heart palpitations. And over time, caffeine becomes addictive and can cause the kidney to lose a lot of extra fluid through the urine, which can, in turn, leave the body with less fluid. That’s why drinking energy drinks while exercising can be harmful as the combination of diuretic acid can be quite dehydrating. 

Concerning Trends Related to Energy Drinks 

Energy drinks can have a negative effect on the health of adolescents. Teenagers can experience intense effects of consuming high amounts of caffeine and added sugars. Energy drinks are a lucrative $23billion industry that targets youth with its appealing marketing campaign. The youth are exposed to energy drink ads that can have them consume these drinks and make children vulnerable to their potentially harmful effects. 

A dangerous trend going on these days is combining energy drinks with alcohol. This trend is seen mostly in young drinkers. Research shows that this type of cocktail can damage the body while reducing alertness and other bodily functions.

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