Open Source Intelligence Market To Forge Future Growth Owing To Brilliant Prospects

February 2020
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The demand for open source intelligence has increased gradually due to the need to tap into open and publicly available sources to gain actionable intelligence. In today’s times, intelligence is regarded as gold and thus the need to tap into viable sources while creating new sources for information is expected to improve the open source intelligence market further. Many individuals and agencies have the need to access news regarding various aspects, which is where open source intelligence tools play a central role. According to a research report published by market Research Future, the open source intelligence market is estimated to capture a 16.1 % CAGR while earning revenues worth USD 7047.7 Million by the end of the forecast period from 2018 to 2023.

The Movement in Intelligence

The heralding in of the internet age since the early 90s had created a substantial niche for the development of open source intelligence tools. Thus, the knowledge obtained from the processing and analyzing of public data sources such as social media, broadcast TV and radio, and websites have formed the bedrock for OSINT. Moreover, the internet revolution has also demonstrated a significant effect on the adoption of open-source intelligence tools globally. Also, open source intelligence has always been a necessary part of an all-source examination, but ongoing developments in information technology are expected to increase the penetration of the open source intelligence market to a large number of individuals while addressing new intelligence queries. Resultantly, the enhanced analysis offered by the use of open source intelligence enables government agencies to permit effective actions or commercial entities that can screen and examine data associated to market trends, their brands, and those of their contenders.

The Benefits Of Analytics Exploited By Open Source Intelligence

The benefit gained from the use of OSINT provides considerable cost advantages as compared to conventional information collecting tools. The use of open-source intelligence is also gaining substantial traction due to international organizations who are ever more implementing the open-source intelligence sources to aid them in their relief endeavors during crisis or disaster. The capability of OSINT to defend supply chains from terrorist groups by examining social media sites and internet messaging purposes to foresee future terrorist activities. The use of OSINT for diplomatic efforts by policymakers and government officials is also increasingly reliant on that expertise to get a useful picture of nations they intend to visit. The expansion of the open-source intelligence market is improved by the necessity to identify hidden risks or aid in making strategic decisions.

Additionally, the use of OSINT for predicting consumer behavior is another key trend promoting the development of the market. The enormous volume of digital data created by the consumers globally creates scope for OSINT is employed in crafting their marketing strategies. In this regard, the popularity and increased usage of blogs, social networking sites, forums, and video-sharing sites are expected to create lucrative opportunities for the growth of the open-source intelligence markets. Also, business corporations are also progressively using geolocation data, IP addresses, and people’s search engine preferences to target ad promotions more effectively and achieve a higher return on their advertising expenditure.

Future Bright Outlook = Open Source Intelligence

In terms of the future outlook, the organizations that are allocating funds to invest in open source are likely to see significant returns in the coming years as the market for OSINT will continue its progressive growth due to the emergence of innovative concepts that function on it. Its position as a primary component in intelligence will further create new avenues for market advancement.

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