Go Green with Pre-Engineered Buildings

February 2020
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Pre-engineered buildings that entered the construction arena in the late nineties has gained widespread acceptance and is making inroads steadily in the infrastructure and construction projects all across. This is since the construction technique that is pre-engineered based is offering hi-tech, most innovative and quicker construction methods ensuring speedy, cost-effective and efficient completion of projects. Perhaps this is the pre-requisite for construction industries to cater to demanding deadlines and tight construction schedules. With a growing emphasis on green buildings, the pre-engineered structures are made with a good quantity of recycled content, which makes it lighter by about 40% compared to conventional steel structures. It has a higher degree of dust and fire-resistant properties and is also maintenance-free. No wonder, the pre-engineered buildings have turned into a highly preferred choice today among the industrialists, developers, builders, and architects.

The Green Benefits

With problems of environmental sustainability becoming more salient, eco-friendly buildings are in great demand. For every facet of the industry, right from production, maintenance and service to transport, an altogether new level of efforts are being put in for reducing the impact of projects (commercial and residential) on the natural environment.  Pre-engineered structures are eco-friendly in various ways. First and foremost, it is created from recycled material and can be dismantled and shifted to different places based on suitability. In case one does not wish to relocate it, this can always be recycled. The metal will reflect light; as a result, the inside of a building will remain cooler during summer while the insulation will keep it warmer during the winter. As a result, homeowners can save energy. Most importantly, by choosing metal people are contributing to trees and forest conservation. Below are some of the green benefits of selecting a pre-engineered building,

  • It is made of steel, so no requirement to cut down valuable forests.
  • Steel manufacturers are using energy efficient techniques in steel production, which helps to decrease green gas emissions.
  • It is made with recycled content (steel) of a high proportion.
  • It employs sustainable building design as well as construction. Besides, it erects in lesser time compared to conventional building construction.
  • It provides a healthy indoor environment.
  • It helps to reduce carbon footprint.
  • It can withstand all climatic and seismic conditions

Customized Buildings

The specialty of pre-engineered buildings is that it can be custom designed to cater to people’s specific needs. There are numerous types of pre-engineered buildings including multi-story, portal, truss and columns, special pre-engineered mezzanine floors and makeup and many more. There are many choices available for selecting the right shade for the building. These varieties include analogous, complementary and monochromatic. People can select the best combinations from the following and customize it as per their necessity.

  • Skylights and vents
  • Reflective thermal insulation
  • Gutter lines
  • Parapet palls and mansard
  • Roof extensions
  • Windows
  • Attractive colors
  • Additional framed opening
  • Lean-to end walls and side walls
  • Walk-in doors
  • Customized sizes
  • Framed opening in end walls
  • Walk in and roll up metal

Pre-Engineered Buildings- The Many Applications

The various applications of pre-engineered buildings are as follows,

  • Outdoor stadium canopies
  • Railway platform shelters
  • Bridges
  • Indoor stadium roofs, schools
  • Vehicle parking sheds
  • Metro stations
  • Aircraft hangers
  • Showrooms
  • Gas stations
  • Offices, workshops, warehouses, factories

Pre-engineered buildings will provide clients with real value without having to sacrifice on aesthetic appearance, durability and climatic resistance. Along with the price, people can enjoy uniformity in design and factory-built quality. In a nutshell, these buildings tend to attain the perfect harmony among aesthetic requirements and stringent specifications in an economical way. Above all, people can choose décor, which resonates with their personal preference or with the nature of their business.

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